so… it’s been a while… (awkward silence…)

hey y’all its been a while… it’s been about a year… i’ve changed, y’all have probably changed… and i’ve had some interesting experiences. i am 2 busy to continue this blog. it’s over…..

listen to music y’all. whatever you want. my advice. listen and think.


Ciao 4ever


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its finally summer time, “so yes girls you can wear a bikini only, if you slather on sunscreen.” in  mom words. So bring out your sundresses, sandals, feathers, and flip-flops, and make this a summer to remember!

i found this picture of a pool on google yesterday. here it is.

 i wish i could make it larger but i can’t.

i also found this awesome beauty and the beast dress.

outfit of 2day:White sundress, teal vans, ankle socks, lots of long chain necklaces, white leather jacket with red roses on them.


lia 🙂

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Sugar Rush!

My friend Eliza has a soccer game 2day, and i’m going. But i think my dad fed her 2 much sugar. A sno cone, cupcake, and waffles… I’m going 2 London this summer. so excited!!! i can’t wait to go 2 harrod’s and the fashion museum.  I have a sudden craving 4 a otter pop………. weird right?

i m weirdly obsessed with cat-eye sunglasses…


outfit of 2day:Cranberry sundress, leopard print sandals, cotton candy baby blue polka dotted vest.


Lia 🙂

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smiley face!!!!!!!!!!! :)

that’s me folks! me=happy! wanna know y? i’ll just show u in a picture.

ok, so i can’t get a pic, but its a snuffleupagus every day i’m snufflin’ t-shirt. TOTES ADORBES!!!!!!!!!!!

i got 2 new jackets from a thrift store on sunday. forever 21 and express.

i can’t get pics 4 these either. well this is aggravating……………. who cant wait 4 SUMMER?! i guess its CW4S! 🙂 im sooooooooo excited!

outfit of 2day: Hot pink tunic, white skinny jeans, orange wedges, colorful bangles, and tortoiseshell headband.

ciao 4 niao!

LIA!!! 🙂

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Radical blogs!!! :))

Ok…… so, yesterday i was surfing the net, and found some weird/cool things.

1) Demi Lavato is gonna b a judge on x factor. (along w/ L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell, and Britney Spears.)

2) fashion squad! awesome blog!

3) style scrapbook! other awesome blog!

4) another awesome blog! 🙂

Outfit of 2day: Kelly green capped sleeved shirt, ivory miniskirt with reddish/pink polka dots,  beige leggings, blackberry velvet combat boots.


Lia 🙂

P.S. I LUV project runway season 5! Leanne Marshall, u ROCK!!!!!!

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Super Kewl Project!

My friend,  Isabel is coming over, and she loves fashion even more than i do. (Is that possible?) And she LUVS project runway. (Like me!)  Here is the order of my favorite seasons.

1) Season 8

2) Season 2

3) Season 9

4) Season 7

5) Season 6

6) Season 1

( i still haven’t seen seasons 3-5.)

So, where gonna watch an episode from season 2, the go 2 a thrift store and a craft store and make it out of that. Does that sound fun or what?

  season 2 people. i don’t think it is very fair that they let Daniel Franco from season 1 on again because he was already on the show and it isn’t fair 2 the other contestants that he gets a 2nd chance. ( congrats Chloe Dao 4 winning!)  
Outfit of 2day:  Royal blue skinni jeans, (cuff them at the bottom.) Ivory peasant top with blue and orange butterflies on it, t-strap pink mary jane wedges, silver bangles, delicate eggplant colored scarf.
Lia 🙂 


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A passion 4 FASHION

i, as u all know am, lia, and i love fashion. i feel that even tho  i have been blogging since August, i haven’t really shown y’all who i am. 

i’m 11, i have brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. i have braces on my 4 top front teeth. I’m 5 feet and 3 inches, and i love dancing and singing and making stupid videos. I love designing clothing. i also luv shopping, hanging out with friends, frozen yogurt, swimming, art, summer, snow cones, movies, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, rainy days, cupcakes, kittens, vintage clothing, and books.


so yeah…………… more fashion sketches.

i luv Teen Vogue  more than ever now. They have AMAZING fashion articles and people that they write about.


outfit of today: red cotton long tank top, white skinny jeans, silver sandals, hot pink watch, long baby blue scarf.

Yesterday i went 2 the Jean Paul Gaulteir exhibit at the De Young, which was kinda of well, interesting. i liked the Balenciaga exhibit better.



Lia 🙂

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I’ve struck rich!!!

My friend’s grandma has a huge collection of jewelry that we could take home! i got a billion necklaces, 1 pair of earrings, 3 rings, and 2 bracelets. it is totally awesome!

outfit of today:  peach flowy top, white jean vest, canary yellow khakis, silver owl necklace, brown ankle boots.



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i m at another stage of what to do? today i am sick, which i totally hate. i am also not a big fan of Mondays, but whateves. nobody really cares. so…. i guess this post is a little short; but here is an outfit suggestion.

Outfit: Moss green cardigan, beige colored cotton t, acid washed jeans, black combat boots, chunky pink bracelets, and a pink watch on the other hand.



A very tired and sick Lia 😦

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chocolate chip!

here i am, drinking a fizzie izze, craving a watermelon mustache lollipop, drumming my fingers on the table, waiting for a sudden burst of inspiration. And then +BAM!!!+ the inspiration hits! 🙂 i shall write about my fave magazines! i m a genius!
   My favorite mag, is Teen Vogue!  Then Seventeen! Then Vogue! 
oh blizinkitezel, this isn’t working. poo. 😦
outfit: Aqua tights, black mini skirt, black and blue polka dotted fitted top, long beaded necklaces, red converse.
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