Super Kewl Project!

My friend,  Isabel is coming over, and she loves fashion even more than i do. (Is that possible?) And she LUVS project runway. (Like me!)  Here is the order of my favorite seasons.

1) Season 8

2) Season 2

3) Season 9

4) Season 7

5) Season 6

6) Season 1

( i still haven’t seen seasons 3-5.)

So, where gonna watch an episode from season 2, the go 2 a thrift store and a craft store and make it out of that. Does that sound fun or what?

  season 2 people. i don’t think it is very fair that they let Daniel Franco from season 1 on again because he was already on the show and it isn’t fair 2 the other contestants that he gets a 2nd chance. ( congrats Chloe Dao 4 winning!)  
Outfit of 2day:  Royal blue skinni jeans, (cuff them at the bottom.) Ivory peasant top with blue and orange butterflies on it, t-strap pink mary jane wedges, silver bangles, delicate eggplant colored scarf.
Lia 🙂 


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One Response to Super Kewl Project!

  1. tweencouture says:

    weird idea. r u like 6?

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